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Flock & Fowl Catering...

is your "go-to" for company meetings, group events and special occasions. Allow the team at Flock to take care of all your event and party planning needs. For your "in-restaurant" private dining needs, please click here.

Contact     - Jenny Wong, Owner       -Sheridan Su, Chef



H = feeds 10 guests

F = feeds 20 guests


Miso Black Garlic Hummus (V), scallion pancakes

H 39.99 F 69.99


Flock Frites, curly fries, parmesan, Flock sauce

H 25.99 F 49.99


Quinoa Salad with Fried Cauliflower, almonds, crispy tofu, sesame vinaigrette

H 35.99 F 65.99


Cucumbers (V), mint, garlic, sesame chili oil

H 39.99 F 69.99


Springrolls, sweet chile sauce

H 29.99 (20 pc) F 55.99 (40 pc)


Farmers’ Market Salad (V) a curated selection of seasonal farmers’ market produce

H 45.99 F 85.99


Downtown Farmer’s Ricotta Toast, curated selection of organic produce from the farmer’s market

H 59.99 F 109.99


Chicken Wings choice of: angry sauce / honey butter / salt and pepper

H 25.99 (20 pc) F 49.99 (40 pc)


The Hot Flock Sando fried chicken breast, Sichuan chili oil, Flock sauce, house slaw, Doug’s egg bread

H 99.99 (10 Lg Sandwiches) F 189.99 (20 Lg Sandwiches)


Bang Bang Chicken Noodle Salad Sichuan chili, cucumbers, peanut dressing, preserved mustard greens (tofu can be substituted for chicken)

H 59.99 F 109.99


Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南雞飯 proudly serving Mary’s free range chicken, chicken schmaltz rice, ginger scallion + house made chile + house soy

choice of: #1 traditional OR #3 roasted chicken

H 119.99 F 229.99